Can I Seal Silestone To Make More Glossy

by Kim
(Denton, Texas)


I purchased the Silestone Stellar night countertop and 8 months down the road I realized that they installed the Leather Stellar night instead of the regular that is glossy.

I wondered why I always had to apply countertop magic to my countertop to make it glossy.... hummmm... Well my question is can I use a gloss sealer on my Silestone to keep it glossy or will it ruin it?


This idea is certainly unusual. First, a regular impregnating granite sealer will not change the color or add a gloss, so that's out.

Using an enhancer sealer that would add a sheen or create a wet look on a non-polished stone is the next option, but I've never tried it on quartz and probably won't work either.

Silestone countertops are not very porous, so most likely will not absorb the enhancer sealer enough for this idea to work.

The only option that may work is to use a topical coating, which is not recommended for most stone installations.

Topical coatings are permanent, don't let the stone breath and can create new maintenance issues, but may be the only choice for what you want to achieve.

I don't know if these topical coatings made by Kinloch and Aldon will adhere to Silestone quartz though.

Certainly call Silestone and see what they advise before doing anything.

Or just keep using your product or I'd recommend trying this Topical Polish/Shine Enhancer, which may last longer.

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count your lucky stars:-)
by: Anonymous

Be thankful they gave you the leather Stellar Night. I bought the super shiny Stellar Night quartz and HATE IT!! Have hated it from the beginning....Can NOT keep it clean. I have been told it is like a black car....impossible to NOT leave streaks, water marks, etc.

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