Best Country Origin For Granite


I am going to install granite countertops in my new home, I have seen stones from India, Canada and Brazil.

Is any stone origin better to choose from?


The scientific answer is... No. No country has The Best granite.

Granite is granite no matter where in the world it comes from, it's formed the same and has a similar range of qualities.

Practically speaking, you should know that many stones that are sold commercially as "granite" are not scientifically categorized as "granite." Not to worry though... these non-granite stones perform similarly to granite... better in some cases.

Also, some black granite counter tops from India (especially Absolute Black) should be inspected carefully. Many are being doctored with a color application to be more "black."

These doctored black granites will eventually reveal themselves when they seem to "etch" and discolor, which granite does not do. Check for paint-like drips on the edges or back of the slab.

The key to getting a great slab of granite is to lemon juice test it to see how porous and sensitive to acids it is.

Also, with a black granite (which typically are some of the most durable, least porous you can get) perform the lemon juice test to see if it has been doctored. A doctored slab of granite will not pass the test (it will show light-colored "etch" marks).

So, the short answer to your question is that the properties of granite will vary some depending on the slab you are choosing.

Always test a sample from the exact slab you are considering. That will give you the answer you are looking for rather than where it's from or what it's called, etc.

Good luck with your granite counter top project,
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