Algae Circling My Marble Sink's Drain

by Deb D
(Upland, CA USA)


The marble sink (very light colored with golden swirls) in my bathroom has serious etching damage around the drain hole.

The faucet has leaked for years and algae (very black-looking) have grown there and are embedded in the marble.

We tried scrubbing and bleach but all it does is etch the marble and doesn't really kill the algae - it always comes back.

The faucet and under sink hardware are frozen so it'll be a big repair job to get everything replaced - basically new plumbing.

Obviously, unless the faucet's replaced, the dripping will never stop and will just keep feeding the algae.

I'm saving the money for the big repair job (many hundred dollars in quotes because it's so old and so frozen).

Once that's done, the algae may dry up but the stains and etching will still be there unless you can point me in the right direction.

Would several sanding sessions be the way to get started on this project or is there something we can do to remove the algae, clean/re-polish the marble, and then seal it to prevent the algae from coming back? Thanks! Deb D.


Deb, as you realize you must fix the leak or the problem will just continue and/or recur.

So, there's really no point in trying to do anything about the algae or marble until you do get the plumbing replaced.

Once you do, there are a couple things to try that should yield
decent results before resorting to professional restoration.

You stated you used bleach and that has etched the drain area as expected with marble. Now, if the etched area is rough to the touch (not just dull and less smooth, but definitely 'rough'), then I would simply stop the sink up and soak the stained area in bleach.

This is not the method you'd use on undamaged marble of course. Bleach should not be used to clean marble, but since the damage is already done (if indeed it is rough) then you might as well use the strongest chemical to kill the algae.

If the etched area is still somewhat smooth, then I'd clean it using Bathroom MOLD & MILDEW Remover and scrub, but you may also need to use the product in a poultice to remove embedded stains.

You'll find complete instruction for this and removing all types of stains in the Removing Stains Manual.

Obviously you want to minimize any further etching because severe etching will require a professional to fix or re-polish.

But, if the etching isn't severe, you can get the shine and color back using a good marble polishing compound.

I recommend ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

Again, no need to try any of this until you fix the plumbing. If you just want to try and control the algae and keep from etching the marble any further, then just use the "Bath & Shower Cleaner" until you fix the plumbing.

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do i have algae in my sink ?
by: manoosh

our house is only two years old but i have noticed the water in the sink takes long to go down and there is a very dark thick material around the sink hole what can i use to clean this thank you in advance


Use BLAST Mildew Remover to clean the build-up around the sink drain.

re: Algae Circling My Marble Sink's Drain
by: Anonymous

Thanks Ryan for the suggestions! I know the dripping is a major showstopper so I'm focused on getting the repairs done before attempting the algae cleanup.

Thanks again!


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