Marble Floor Urine Stain

by Carol Nick
(Cape May, NJ, USA)


How do you remove urine stains from a white marble floor?


Well, it first depends on whether your marble is polished or honed... that is shiny or matte finish.

And whether you have a true marble stain or just etching (often mistaken for a stain) or both.

A marble stain occurs when a liquid or substance is absorbed into the marble and causes a spot that is darker in color.

Etching occurs when an acidic food, drink or substance (like urine) contacts the marble. The acids corrode the marble leaving a dull and lighter spot.

If you have both marble stains and etching then it will look like a stain and you may not notice the etching until removing the stain... although it could still look dull (a sign of etching).

So, you will need to remove the stain first and for that it's the same procedure whether honed or polished.

You'll find complete step-by-step instructions in the Removing Stains Manual.

Removing Etch Marks

On honed marble you'll need to follow the instructions in the Remove Etch Marks Manual.

Actually, if you have staining and etching, you'd be better off with the Cleaning Marble Secrets Guide. It contains all the info in the above two guides plus everything else you should know about marble maintenance along with effective DIY solutions to any problem you may encounter.

On polished marble you'll need to use a specialized marble polishing compound like this ETCH REMOVER / Marble polishing paste.

The paste is easy to use. Once the stain is gone, the paste will restore the shine and color unless you have severe (very rough to touch) etching. If that is the case, you'll need professional marble repair and restoration.

But, the paste is much cheaper, so always worth trying first. Chances are it will still work very well even with severe etching.

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