Marble Cleaning Cat Pee Stain

by Ben
(Seymour, TN)

How To Clean Marble Urine Stain

How To Clean Marble Urine Stain


My granddaughter's cat peed on a brown marble countertop around a round-based lamp.

The urine basically dried around the lamp base.

The round urine mark seemingly cannot be removed. Please help.


The urine has etched and possibly also stained the marble countertop.

A marble "stain" is a mark (darker and discolored) left from a substance absorbed into the marble and "etching" is also a mark (lighter and dull), but nothing is absorbed.

Marble etching is more like a burn where the marble has been physically damaged by a reaction with the urine. Cat pee (all urine) is acidic and acids will corrode marble. The acid eats into the countertop surface ruining the shiny layer.

Here you can learn more about marble etching vs. staining.

Most likely the cat pee has just etched the marble since polished marble is not very absorbent; however, since it was left to dry it may have stained as well. If so....

You will need to remove any urine staining the marble first and also treat the etch marks to restore the color and shine.

Remove The Marble Stain

You'll make and apply a poultice. For this particular marble stain (other types of stains require different ingredients for the poultice) buy 12% Hydrogen Peroxide (online or at a beauty supply store... the 3% kind at your drug store is too weak) and mix with talc powder into a paste like peanut butter.

Apply the poultice to the marble stain with a plastic spatula about 1/2 inch thick and 1/2 inch border. Cover the poultice with plastic wrap, seal the borders with masking tape and let
sit for 24 hours.

Take the plastic off, but do not touch the poultice. Let that dry out completely for another 24 hours then scrap off with spatula and clean.

A poultice often needs to be applied a few times to get a stain out, but if your first poultice does not improve or change the stain at all, then most likely the marble is only etched and not stained.

For complete instructions to remove all types of stains in stone see the Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

Repair Marble Etching

You may have to call a professional if the etching is severe (dull and rough), but this is rare, so you might as well start by using an Etching Repair / Marble Polishing product.

This product is made for exactly this purpose (repairing marble etching) and very effective. You'll see some marble cleaning products in stores labeled "polish," but they are not the right kind.

I know... it's confusing. Several types of marble care products use the word "polish" but are intended for very different uses. What you see in the stores is a general product just for appearance (like a car wax)... they don't fix the dull spot like the product recommended, which is a specialized "pro" product.

If the spot is definitely lighter in color than the marble, then you can probably forget about the poultice and just go straight to the marble polish.

But, you'll want to do the poultice and get out the stain first (if necessary) because it can cause some mild etching as well (no avoiding this if stained)... so using the polishing product is the last step.

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Cat urine smell in marble
by: Nancy

Hi - I believe our marble floor is etched from cat urine (the cat went in the same spot many times) because the spot is lighter-colored & dull.

Since the spot is in a hidden area under a rug, my biggest concern is getting rid of the smell. It has become worse with the summer humidity.

Which method would be best to address the smell? Stain removal or etching repair?


==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Etch repair method will not address the smell. The stain removal method may help some since this method involves a liquid soaking into the stone.

However, the best solution is probably going to be a specialized odor remover that you apply to the marble and let it soak in.

Try to find one that is not damaging to marble (like a natural enzyme based, non-acidic product). But if the odor remover does etch or stain the marble, well you can then just remove the stain and or repair the etching after removing the odor.

You'll need to do that anyway. Good luck!

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