Sealing Uba Tuba Granite

by Randy Condon
(York, ME)


We sealed a portion of our newly installed Uba Tuba granite countertop with 511 impregnator.

It left streaks and hazing in some areas which we are unable to get off.

Should we re-apply or strip it off?

Does this granite even need to be sealed?

Should we just use a polish alone without attempting to seal? Any guidance would be appreciated. Randy


Randy, typically Uba Tuba granite is very dense and doesn't need... in fact, won't take a sealer... it just won't absorb and dries on top leaving the streaky haze you have.

Except granite is a natural stone. Meaning each granite variety and even each slab can show different characteristics.... like how fast or much liquid it will absorb.... and if it can or needs to be sealed... or not.

Thus, while Uba Tuba most often does not need sealing it is possible and in fact, some ubatuba granite countertops will take a granite sealer.

With every stone you should perform the water test for sealing granite countertops. No need to guess or trust someone's opinion whether or not your exact slab of granite needs sealing.

The test will give you definitive information so you don't end up with a hazy countertop when a sealer should not have been applied.

You'll also get the streaks if you don't apply a sealer properly. The common mistake is failing to wipe off the excess sealer before it dries even on a countertop that definitely needs sealing.

For some reason it is often stated by stone "professionals" to let a sealer dry on the surface. This is 100% wrong and the exact opposite of what you should do.

You may not have any trouble letting a sealer dry on a very porous stone because it will all absorb before drying. But it isn't the right way to do it. Removing sealer before it dries is a very important step to avoid the steaky mess you now have.

Removing Uba Tuba Granite Streaks

First, I'd re-apply the sealer and use a soft-bristle brush to work the liquid sealer into the dried sealer and see if you can get the dried sealer to dissolve back into liquid.

Then, wipe off all the granite sealer before it dries. You won't know if you are successful until you get the countertop dry, so maybe do a test on a small area first and see if this will work. If not....

Strip the granite sealer off with methylene chloride. This will not be fun since this solvent has potent fumes.... so ventilate to the max and don't get it on cabinets, etc.

Most likely your Uba Tuba didn't need sealing. Hopefully the first method will work... you can count yourself lucky and forget about sealing it ever again.

If you do have to strip it, then after you get it all off water test the granite to see whether or not it needs sealing.

Remember, Uba Tuba granite usually (not always) doesn't, but you may not have applied it properly the first time vs. it just wouldn't absorb.

For cleaning ubatuba granite just use hot water and/or a recommended Granite Countertop & Marble Cleaning spray.

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Tropical Green granite
by: Julie

Does Tropical Green granite need to be sealed? Our granite is 2 years old, the company said that it should be sealed every 2 years. So I tried to seal 2 areas and now it looks hazy. I have left the main island and countertop by sink alone because I am scared of doing it again. Does it really need to be sealed?

thank you

=======Admin Commment:

It's never a yes or no answer based solely on the name of the stone. Names get interchanged rather frequently and even when accurate each slab is unique and may have slightly different qualities and a range of absorbency.

In other words, Tropical green granite will often take/need a sealer, however, certain slabs may not since they are already very dense and won't stain.

And there certainly is no "set" frequency for re-sealing any stone with any sealer.

However, all you need to do is perform the simple water test for sealing granite countertops (and all stone) to determine if your stone needs sealing in the first place and if/when it needs re-sealing in the future.

Given that you developed a haze after applying a sealer, I'd say your stone likely does not need a sealer. However, the haze can develop on countertops that do need a sealer, but the sealer was improperly applied and left to dry.

So, perform the test to determine if you should or should not apply an impregnating sealer. If testing shows you should, then we suggest using one of these recommended marble & granite sealers.

You'll need to strip the other hazy sealer off with acetone or methylene chloride which is more potent.

Good Luck!

Uba Tuba
by: Christy Montano

Today I used the 511 Impregnator on my Uba Tuba and had the same streaking problem. The problem with not sealing the granite is that no matter what you use to clean the surface it leaves water marks or streaks. Also, finger prints and hand prints are uncontrollable! My island looks "mucky" 24-7.
I think the biggest problem is the Uba Tuba itself, I would never purchase this style of granite again. Since I am stuck with it for now (and there's ALOT of it in my kitchen), do you have any words of wisdom?

==== Admin comment: Yes....

Nothing wrong with Uba Tuba or the sealer. The problem is improper granite sealer application.

Hazy streaks after sealing indicate sealer dried on the surface either because it could not absorb (granite too dense and did not need sealing anyway) or sealer was left too long on the granite countertop and dried on the surface.

You'll need to strip it off most likely using methylene chloride solvent.

Applying a standard impregnating granite sealer will not change how the granite looks regarding cleaning (the water streaks after cleaning you write about).

In other words, applying a sealer will not make it so you don't get water streaks after cleaning.

Streaks after cleaning indicates a poor cleaning product. You are trying to clean a mirror-like surface... if you clean an actual mirror with water or a poor product does it dry streak-free... no.

So, you need to use a good granite cleaner that won't leave streaks.

Finger prints are not usually an issue except on honed surfaces, but darker polished granites can show prints too.

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