Gritty Coating On New Granite

by Maria


I just had Santa Cecelia Gold granite countertops installed in my kitchen, with a tumbled travertine backsplash. I've noticed a fine gritty coating on the granite countertops, and even though I keep wiping down the countertops, the grit is back the next day!

The grit on granite countertops is also on the kitchen island, where there is no backsplash.

My installer sealed both the granite and the backsplash. What could be causing this, and what should I do? Thank you!


I hate to tell you, but most likely you simply have a low-grade slab. Slabs can be graded based on the quality of the stone. Poor quality slabs can be less durable, consistent or structurally sound.

Often this can happen on new granite countertop installations when a new grouted backsplash tile is also installed. Specks of grout pop off until fully cured, etc.

But as you note this is occurring on the kitchen island too (no backsplash) so the only answer is a poor grade granite slab.

What to do? Well, if the fabricator picked out this slab for you, then you could simply demand it be replaced. If so, then hopefully you haven't made the last payment and have some leverage.

However, if you picked out the slab, it'll be hard to make the fabricator take the fall. Unfortunately, the industry is not regulated very well to guard against this.

You may be able to find a fabricator that can apply a resin to help bind the surface better, but you'll want one very experienced.... and as you've discovered applying a granite sealer has no affect. Sealers do not bind or coat the surface. Sealers absorb into the surface.

Good Luck,

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Gritty Granite

by Kathy
(Cheektowaga, NY)


We recently had New Venetian Gold granite countertops installed in our bathroom. It feels very gritty. I've cleaned it with SCI countertop spray cleaner and sealed it with SCI granite sealer. It still feels gritty! Why and what can I do to get rid of it?


Unfortunately, you most likely have a low-grade granite slab and there's nothing you can do to stop the grittiness.

This color seems to have a greater occurrence of this problem than others. Giallo Veneziano, Santa Cecilia and similar stones tend to leave the grit on granite countertops.

I wish I could tell you exactly why this happens, but essentially the slab is slowly decomposing simply because the integrity of the slab, the binding of minerals (which happened a looong time ago) is poor.

Granite slabs are graded (and priced) based on such qualities.

If a fabricator picked out the slab for you, then you may have some recourse for replacement. Otherwise not much you can do unless you want to apply some type of permanent topical coating like from Aldon or Kinloch.

Permanent topical coatings typically are not recommended for stone (doesn't let stone breath properly and can create additional maintenance and repair issues). The manufacturers make it sound great... like they are a revolutionary improvement, etc.... but when all considered it's better to leave stone alone as much as possible.

Once you apply a permanent coating you now have an acrylic or epoxy surface to maintain instead of a granite countertop.

However, in your case it may be the best option.

Sealing won't affect this at all.... completely unrelated issue. Impregnating sealers like the one you applied work below the surface. They don't form an impenetrable shell or encapsulate the granite because again, that's not good for the stone.

But that's what a topical will do by creating a physical barrier.

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Grit On My Granite Countertop

by Darrell Turner
(Blufftonn, S.C.)


I don't know if I need a sealer or a good granite cleaner or both for my counter of 6 months old. It appears my brown speckled granite counter always has grit on the surface within a day or so after I clean it. Not sure it is from the air or from the granite countertops. Any suggestions?


I don't have any suggestions except those noted above because there isn't much to do about it.

Do you notice it only in one spot or all over? Is it just a few particles here and there a bunch?

It is possible for small particles to dislodge from the granite surface. This is fairly isolated and infrequent occurring only on poor grade slabs.

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