Sealing Basalt

by Michelle Saw
(Richmond, BC, Canada)


Please advise if we could use the same process sealing Basalt as we would granite.

The Basalt is called Raven Black and it is from China. There are major stains and we have tried to put black ink as suggested by a local granite whole seller to cover up the stain but it is by no means a permanent solution.

If we are to seal it, I would like to make sure that we are using the correct product.

Please see attached photo of one of the stains. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Yes, you can seal the basalt like you would granite. As far as the stains... they look like something affected a coloring agent used in the manufacture of the table.

In other words, it looks like something bleached out the color.

If that is the case, then there is likely nothing you can do.

However, it could also be etching, (and likely is) which is a chemical reaction some stones have with acidic and or alkaline substances like bleach, vinegar, ammonia and many other common or brand cleaning products.

The only likely remedy is to re-finish the stone if thick enough. This entails grinding it down to remove the damaged "etched" area and then smoothing back into the desired surface finish.

You'll need to hire a stone restoration pro to do this. It takes skill, knowledge and experience to get it right.

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Sealing Basalt
by: Silex UK

This basalt from China is G684 and often called Black Rain. This is a high calicum and olivine containing stone. This stone will be etched by acid based food stuffs and has to be cared for in the same way as a limestone. This stone has been etched and the surface finish has been damaged. This is why it appears to have been bleached. The only way to properly sort this out is to have a professional use a diamond grinding pad to re-finish the top. Your less expensive DIY alternative is to use Aquamix Enrich 'n' seal. When choosing stone in the future for table tops or work tops make sure that you choose gabbro's and basalts with very low calicum and olivine.

Regards - Alastair Niddrie - Silex UK Specialist Stone Solutions

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