Lysol Cleaner Damage on Marble Countertop

Q & A: Marble Repair of Cleaning Product Damage

Q & A: Marble Repair of Cleaning Product Damage


I am renting an apt. with a black and white marble bathroom - shower, vanity and floor.

I used Lysol disinfectant bathroom cleaner on the vanity top, and the finish looks ruined.

It looks white and cloudy when it dries, worse in areas where I sprayed the most cleaner, though returns to its original color when I wet it.

What can I do?


Yeah, unfortunately, you can't use just any old product on marble.

Most common household cleaners will damage marble. Vinegar, ammonia, bleach must not be used, but this also includes "brand-name" cleaners like Lysol because they are too alkaline or too acidic and just too harsh for marble.

These cleaners will corrode marble upon contact eating away the shiny surface layer to leave a dull spot that is often lighter in color or even white.

It's called "etching."

Acidic foods and drinks will also etch marble.

Luckily though... you can fix it by repairing the damaged surface to restore the shine and color using the ETCH REMOVER and Marble Polishing product.

It's easy-to-use and works almost like magic on most etching and scratches on polished marble, travertine, limestone and onyx. All these stones will etch in the same manner and are soft enough for DIY marble repair.

If the marble has been severely etched and very rough, you may need a professional to restore it at that point, but this is rare and most often the recommended product will do the trick.

For future marble maintenance be sure to use only products safe for cleaning marble, travertine and all natural stone.

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Honed Marble Etching Repair
by: Anonymous

Does it work on honed as well, on the product description it says polished...

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

No... the Etch Remover product is for repairing etch marks on polished marble only. It will make the surface shiny so you don't want that on a honed marble.

You can fix etch marks on honed marble with a DIY technique or hire a stone restoration pro, but no product exists for use on honed marble.

Steps for the DIY method are found in the How to Remove Etch Marks ebook.

Engineered stone
by: Darcie

Can you use this product on engineered stone counter tops? I used the Lysol bathroom cleaner and it left matte like spots on the countertop :(

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

No, Lysol should not be used on quartz countertops or other engineered stone countertops. It is too harsh and will leave the dull spots you describe. Probably permanent damage.

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Cleaning Lysol Bleach Spots on Marble

by Faigie


Lysol bleach was dripped on my white marble floor and there are dulled spots.

Is there a cleaner I can use to restore dull spots on marble?


Neither Lysol nor bleach should be used for cleaning marble or even to clean things around marble.

These products are too caustic and will damage marble upon contact as you have seen.

The spots you see are chemical burns called "etching," which is a common marble maintenance issue.

Many people confuse marble etch marks with stains in marble often calling the etch marks "water stains". True, they are both unwanted spots, but the cause and solution for each are different.

Fortunately, such spots can be repaired.

On polished (shiny) marble use Marble Polishing Etch Remover, which is made just for repairing marble etch marks, works wonders and is easy to use.

On honed (matte, non-reflective) marble you'll have to follow the instructions provided in the Removing Etch Marks ebook.

Unfortunately, there isn't a product for repairing etch marks on honed marble, but you can still get the job done cheaply and easily using the ebook procedure.

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Lysol Made Marble Vanity Top Dull



Marble vanity top in bathroom is dull and spotted after cleaning with Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom cleaner.

Color is beige/tan. What can I do now?


The first thing to do is take some time to learn about how to clean marble properly and avoid damaging it.

Unfortunately, your installer or salesperson or previous owner never informed you about proper marble maintenance... which is far too common.

You had to learn the hard way, but of course never use Lysol (or any other common or brand-name household cleaner) for marble cleaning.

Marble is sensitive to acidic (many foods and drinks and some personal products like perfume, mouth wash, etc.) and highly alkaline substances (like nearly every cleaning product on the market).

Such products will corrode marble and eat away at the surface creating the dull and often light-colored splotchy "ghost" spots you now have.

So, from now on use only products safe for cleaning marble.

Good news is that cleaning and maintaining marble is actually pretty easy once you learn the right way and.... you can repair these etch spots and restore the shine and color on polished marble (not honed) using the marble etch remover recommended above.

You'll find plenty of helpful tips on various pages of our site about cleaning marble correctly, but for comprehensive information on protecting, cleaning and proper marble maintenance including step-by-step and cheap DIY solutions to any problem and product recommendations check out the Cleaning Marble Secrets ebook guide.

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Marble Cleaning Product Damage


I tried to clean my marble table with Lysol Anti-bacterial Kitchen Cleaner.

It left the marks wherever I sprayed on the table... pretty ugly ones. Any suggestions or advice?


The marks in your marble table are due to corrosion or "etching" of the surface by the caustic cleaning product. So, now you know that you can't use just any product for cleaning marble.

Marble reacts with acidic and sometime alkaline substances, which then eat into the polished surface creating dull spots.

Marble polishing products (like the "Etch Remover" recommended above) work very well for small spots and spills... mild to moderate etch marks (which most are). But if you have an entire marble dining table or entire countertop or other large areas to repair from etching, you should call a marble repair pro.

Of course, once re-polished use coasters, trivets, place mats and only specially formulated marble cleaning products.

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Honed Carrara Marble Floor Stain

by Karen
(Providence, RI)


Help!!! We just renovated our bathroom and when I was cleaning for the first time, I dripped Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner on the new honed carrera marble floor tiles.

I wiped it up immediately, but it left a mark (dull spot) and a streak (dull streak) where I wiped it!!!

I'm afraid I've ruined the finish.

How ironic since I would not "allow" my cleaning help to clean the bathroom for fear of ruining the marble floors and vanity tops with harsh cleaners....


Karen, you have ruined the finish, but only temporarily, so don't panic.

The Lysol toilet cleaner is much too caustic to be used on or around natural stone. It chemically "etched" the marble floor tile exposing raw, unfinished marble that is more dull and lighter in color than the honed surface.

Instead you should be using a Non-Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner safe for use in marble bathrooms.

An etch mark is like a burn, but you don't need a doctor! You can repair this yourself rather easily.

Marble etching on honed tile is easier to fix than a polished surface. It's a matter of re-surfacing and smoothing the dull spots and streaks.

To repair honed marble etching follow the instructions in the Removing Etch Marks e-book. Cheap and easy process!

You now know how fast marble will react with acidic or alkaline substances and harsh cleaners. The longer the exposure the more severe the etching.

Since you wiped it up so quickly, the damage is probably mild and didn't go too deep into the stone. You'll have it looking new in no time.

I'm sure you've probably learned your lesson and I don't have to remind you, but be sure to use only "marble-safe" products from now on.

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Marble Vanity Top Cleaner Damage


I mistakenly used Lysol Bathroom Cleaner on my white Carrara marble countertop in my bathroom.

The result is what appears to be staining and etching (I think) covering the entire area.

Is this correctable?


Yep! The Lysol cleaner etched your marble vanity top. Etching is not a stain. Nothing is absorbed, so cleaning marble is not the issue here.

Etching is physical corrosion of the marble bathroom countertop surface and yes... it is correctable. It's a simple matter of marble polishing.

It's just a question of the best method since the damage covers the whole countertop vs. a small spot.

You can give it a shot yourself first using some Etch Remover Marble Polishing compound. This will restore the color and shine beautifully, but it could be challenging to produce an even shine over an entire countertop.

This is a DIY product designed for use repairing small and light etch marks, but it's more difficult to achieve satisfactory results over an entire countertop.

This is not a shortcoming of the product, but a matter of skill in application. For restoring small etch marks, no skill is necessary... it's easy.

However, using such a product for repairing marble over a large surface area to get an even shine takes a lot more skill and is typically a job reserved for a professional.

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