Red Wine Stain In Marble Floor

by Desperate


Help please! I live in a rented apartment, with what I think are marble tiles on the floor - they are white and extremely porous, and I don't know when (or if) they have ever been sealed.

I have recently spilled red wine on the marble flooring.

We immediately rushed to blot it with kitchen towel and then absorb it with salt (which has worked so well previously for me with carpet!) but its as if the stain formed the second the wine touched the floor.

Now it is a kind of purple grey colour - I have not tried any chemicals or poultices yet - please help!!! Desperate!


Okay Desperate...don't panic... you should be able to get this red wine marble stain out with a poultice made with 12% Hydrogen peroxide.

Marble stains from other liquids / substances require different ingredients, but for this one HP should work.

I don't know if or where this product is available in Dubai, but it's "hair bleaching strength" peroxide, so check a beauty supply store.

Also, maybe a hardware or drug store, but usually they only carry 3% which is usually just too weak.

If you find hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations like 30%, you can use it just be careful... it becomes dangerous with higher concentrations.

You did the right thing acting quickly. The marble must be honed and not polished. Polished marble is not absorbent it would not have stained if you wiped it up immediately.

A honed finish leaves the marble surface more porous and why it stained right away.'s what to do:

Mix the 12% hydrogen peroxide with talc powder into a peanut butter-like paste. Apply it to the wine stain 1/2 inch thick and cover with plastic wrap sealing the edges with masking tape.

Let it sit 48 hours and remove the plastic, but leave the poultice to dry out for another day.

Remove the poultice and clean with hot water. Hopefully you'll notice a big improvement or the stain is gone, but you may have to repeat the process a few times to clean the marble completely.

For complete instructions on how to clean marble stains of all types check out the Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

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This poultice really works on red wine stains
by: Anonymous

I had a large red wine stain the size and shape of England after Christmas day celebrations.

I made this poultice the next day and just had a peak under it 3 days later and the wine stain has vanished. Brilliant - and I was only able to get 6% hydrogen peroxide from Boots in Dubai.

Hydrogen Peroxide with Talc Worked!
by: Anonymous

I didn't see a response from the originator, so I decided to respond. I've been trying to decide whether to get a marble countertop, and had heard that red wine stains. I got a sample piece of white marble, and had the store owner seal half of it. When I got home, I then proceeded to pour red wine on each half and left it for 15 minutes. The sealed half wiped up but it was no longer shiny. The unsealed half had a grey blotch left where the wine was. I could see on the side of the marble sample that it was absorbed about 1/2 inch. I then used the hydrogen peroxide (hair strength) with talc (baby powder, and followed the instructions. It worked perfectly! The marble was restored to its beautiful white colour! Thank you so much.

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