Granite Counter Top Maintenance Guide

Granite counter top maintenance is easy... and once you understand what you are dealing with... learn the simple secrets to cleaning granite countertops correctly (Do's & Don'ts)... and the truth about granite sealers... you'll keep all your countertops looking fabulous for decades.

Beware of all the conflicting advice about granite countertop care floating around out there. That's the first lesson!

Most errors in advice or solutions are due to over-generalization, a lack of understanding, and/or mis-interpretation of correct methods.

Myths about granite sealers abound as well. Most stem from marketing messages by competing man-made countertop manufacturers that are a bit distorted and also due to a general misunderstanding about how sealers work. 

So, it's easy to get confused, frustrated and start to worry that you're going to accidentally ruin your countertops or that granite countertop care is a big hassle.

Remember that your countertops and floors are made of STONE! Think Egyptian Pyramids and Roman Colosseum. Stone countertops and floors are very durable, resilient and age beautifully. In fact, they will outlast you and your house!

Yes... stone can be damaged, but... avoiding damage is a cinch, and it can almost always be repaired. You don't need special knowledge or talent or an army of professionals to protect, clean, and keep your granite countertops looking brilliant and beautiful for a lifetime.

Where to Start: Granite Counter Top Maintenance

First thing... knowledge. A wealth of information, advice and proven solutions are provided across many pages of this site, so you'll avoid potential pitfalls, hassles, and headaches by investing a little time up front to read and learn.

cleaning white granite countertop with blue cloth

Relax though... it won't take long, and you'll soon be a granite counter top maintenance pro!

Start out by learning the recommended routine for cleaning granite countertops.

Follow up with more specific information regarding all granite counter top care: Do's & Don'ts.

FYI... Information provided on the above two pages regarding cleaning granite is also the best advice for other surface types such as solid-surface (Corian countertops) and quartz countertops (Silestone, Zodiac, Caesarstone, Avanta).

granite & marble cleaning product bottleClick Here For Our Recommended Cleaning Products We've used many marble & granite countertop care products (Stone Tech, Miracle, SCI, Marble Life)... but 3 brands have proven better than the rest... quality & value!

Don't make the mistake though of assuming all stone is the same. Significant points of important care & cleaning differences do exist for cleaning marble and cleaning travertine.

These surfaces require a more delicate protocol than granite, Corian and Silestone countertops, which is why marble/travertine are typically not installed as kitchen countertops.

It's key to learn all about sealing granite countertops, so don't miss that page. 

For outdoor kitchen countertops, the outdoor kitchen granite care guide will help you barbeque worry-free. 

Also, answers to many specific granite countertop care questions are given on the pages linked below.... and you can always use the search box at the top to find the exact info you need.

Answers To
Granite Counter Top Maintenance

Learn even more! Click on the links below to read detailed answers to common (and unusual) marble cleaning questions.

Granite Countertop Dull Around Sink 
QUESTION: I have a Emerald Pearl granite countertop in my kitchen that is 8 years old. It looks great with the exception of some dullness around the …

Sealing vs Polishing Granite 
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Pitting in New Granite Countertop 
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Care and upkeep of new granite vanity top 
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Repairing Cracks in Granite Countertops 
QUESTION: We just recently had 2 cm granite counter tops installed. The color is Santa Cecilia. We found a crack in the granite in the corner. …

Metallicus Granite Mica Flecks Coming Off 
QUESTION: I work for a granite countertop fabrication facility, and recently we installed a kitchen for a customer, using Metallicus for the Island. …

Caring for Metallicus granite 
QUESTION: My wife and I are very interested in a granite counter top slab named "Metallicus". It is a dark granite with what I call rivers of silver …

Repair Granite Chipping Around Sink 
QUESTION: I am renting a house. I have been told that the countertops are granite. The color is dark/black, with shell-like iridescent marks in …

Non-Slip Granite Tile Treatment 
QUESTION: Can a granite tile be flamed to give it the non-slip look/effect? ANSWER: If you are asking if a "flamed" finish on granite will make …

Granite Crack 
QUESTION: I have an Uba Tuba granite kitchen island and I have just noticed a hairline crack of about 8 inches running from the outside edge in the …

Filling Granite Countertop Pits 
QUESTION: I have used a penetrating sealer on my granite countertop, but what can I use as a surface sealer to fill in all the pits in the stone? …

Restore Chemical Damage Dull Granite Countertops Not rated yet
QUESTION: We moved into a new home with medium brown/tan granite countertops. My wife said that they were so hard it is nearly impossible to damage …

Burn Marks and Waxing Granite Floor Not rated yet
QUESTION: What type of chemical stripper should I use to take dark black burns off a granite floor? Also, I'd like to know what kind of wax to use …

Honed Absolute Black Granite Etching Not rated yet
QUESTION: Does honed absolute black need sealing?? Or any other type of granite counter top maintenance? We had it installed recently in our kitchen …

Polishing Granite Countertop Not rated yet
QUESTION: Can I polish our new bathroom granite counter top before sealing it? It doesn't seem to have the shine we saw at the showroom. ANSWER: …

Blue Pearl Granite Countertop Maintenance Not rated yet
QUESTION: I am debating between emerald, black pearl and blue pearl granite countertops. I see contradictory statements about sealing these granites. …

Maintaining Antiqued or Leathered Absolute Black Granite Not rated yet
QUESTION: We recently had antiqued absolute black granite installed. The installer applied a granite sealer, but did not color enhance it as I like …

Cloudy Spots On Granite Not rated yet
QUESTION: Hi - I have brown/black/tan/silver fleck granite counter tops in my kitchen. I have had white cloudy marks in spots that I have tried to polish …

Make Dull Granite Countertop Shiny Not rated yet
QUESTION: My granite counter top is dull and has always been dull. I want my counter top to shine like my other friends counter in their kitchens. …

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