Dark Spots on New Granite Countertop

by Green
(Pewaukee, WI, US)


Hi, We just moved into our newly built house and we had installed the giallo venegiano granite for our kitchen countertops.

The counter top in our dining room hutch is so flawless where as the blocks in our kitchen have so many dark spots. They all came from the 2 granite slabs we chose.

I am starting to doubt if they really installed the pieces I chose. They have some minor dents and a lot of dark spots. I am not sure if it is just the stone itself or if they are water marks.

I am pretty sure that they are not sealed yet. I am hoping I could still do something about it before I seal it. What do you recommend? Thanks, Green


Without a picture or a more detailed description about what you are seeing it is difficult for me to know the cause, problem or solution for cleaning the granite countertops.

Water can cause dark spots, but when the water evaporates.... so do the spots.

Adhesives can sometimes be a problem . The wrong adhesive or sometimes an additive used with the adhesive will produce spots that often resolve within a couple weeks.... but can persist and sometimes permanent.

What happens is too much glue or the wrong additive is used and the glue absorbs into the granite countertop, bleeding all the way to the top surface creating a dark and sometimes green spot.

And many substances can absorb into granite countertops leaving a dark spot, which is a "stain" (vs. light spot = etching).

You will probably need to seal these eventually, but I would NOT seal them until you correct whatever is causing this.

Fortunately, most stains can be removed with a simple procedure for cleaning granite countertops.

Just follow the detailed instructions in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

Dents? Now that is unusual... granite is too hard to "dent," chips or cracks maybe, but denting... no idea on that.

If however you have chips or pits, then these can be easily and invisibly repaired using the Marble & Granite Repair Kit for Chips/Pits. The "gel" is for level surfaces and the "paste" for edges and vertical surfaces.

What does your installer say?

Certainly demand a re-install if things aren't satisfactory.

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Granite drying time question
by: Dianne & Family

Three years ago our salesman and installer said it was not necessary to seal our granite again. The company went out of business. Perhaps you can help us.

Water soaks into the granite around the sink and most places we clean. At first it was a little, but now it looks real dark.

Towel drying does not completely help. We are afraid water might be soaking down and destroying our new cabinets.

Is there a way we can remove all the sealer ourselves?

How long should we let it dry before we reseal it?

Should we use a fan to help it dry? All comments are appreciated.

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

The fact that your granite countertop readily absorbs water is THE sign that it does need sealing again.

Some granites don't need sealing at all, however, if you are seeing dark spots from water then it needs to be sealed.

And unless you use a permanent sealer like Senguard Sealer a sealer will have to be periodically reapplied.

All sealers (except Senguard) will wear out and need reapplication.

But you don't need to remove the current sealer. It is no longer effective and a non-issue.

Your granite will dry out eventually unless water is continually absorbing on the surface (i.e. from daily use of the sink).

Fans will help, but mostly just quit using the sink for a day or two or three and let it dry out. Then re-seal it.

Granite is not what it's cracked up to be
by: Anonymous

I thought now I have this wonderful home improvement with granite countertops. No one told me if water gets around the sink and doesn't dry up or stains, you are out of luck.

I have to replace my entire kitchen due to stains that will not go away with all the poultices.

I am broken-hearted and it's going to cause a serious financial loss to me. I just got the bad news today when a fabricator said... Nothing can be done... no hope... need to replace... I am sick to my heart about this.

I would keep it and abuse it more except I am such a perfectionist, I can't. So, waiting for a quote on how much this mess is going to cost. I am not sure I will go with granite anymore may try a solid surface.

I hate granite, even though it's beautiful... If it gets damaged and it does your out a pretty penny.

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Well, I can understand your frustration. This or something similar could happen with any and every type of countertop material.

No countertop material is without potential problems. None are perfect. But all factors considered, granite is the all-around best bet or at least in the top 2.

I'd get a second opinion if I was you. I gather this is a newly installed granite countertop.

Without knowing exactly what caused the stains I can't speak directly to your specific problem, however, I can say that it is rare that stains (especially if recent) cannot be removed.

In fact, it is rare that any damage to granite countertops or any natural stone is permanent. Most often a repair is possible in the hands of an experienced restoration professional.

A couple exceptions here are rust stains and stun marks on marble. Rust stains can be deep enough that there is just no way to remove them and replacement is the only option.

Same with stun marks. These are not common, but when they occur there isn't really any good repair method.

And green stains that sometimes occur from the adhesive used when installing granite countertops can be very difficult to remove, but it is possible.

Most stone fabricators / installers are not truly skilled in repairs. They can make some small repairs effectively, but complex problems like granite cracks, for example, demand a person highly knowledgeable and experienced repairing cracks.

It may be that your fabricator simply hasn't properly diagnosed your issue or doesn't have the experience to know how to resolve your particular problem.

And if this is the same fabricator that installed the granite countertops, why didn't he seal the surface to guard against stains?

Again, I'd bet the problem you are having with your granite countertops can be repaired or resolved with the correct diagnosis and cure.

Granite dark spots
by: Cy

I just had my granite countertop installed yesterday.Looked beautiful until a few hours later dark spots have appeared.

From everything thing I read sounds like adhesive.
Waiting to hear from company to see what they say.

Wondering how much time to give to see if it will go away on its own?? looking bad. I hate to live with that after a complete kitchen remodel. Is this common?

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

Yeah, likely stains from adhesive. Tricky issue. It's a low percentage of installs, but it does happen and often cannot be predicted. Some stones react with the glues leading to stains and others don't.

If the stains are going away, then you'll see continuous improvement over the next 2-3 weeks. But the installers should take responsibility and ensure they do go away or are removed.

by: Anonymous

I was told this is perfectly normal and that the 30 or so perfectly round dark spots on my granite would go away on their own??

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

Well it is "normal" in the sense that these glue stains happen sometimes with new countertop installs, but it's not common.

Yes, sometimes they will disappear on their own, but often must be removed and it is a simple, but sort of drawn out process.

Water that doesn't evaporate
by: Anonymous

My granite countertop in the bathroom is over a year old. I noticed it left a dark spot under the soap pump now and then, and it would dry in a day.

We don't use that bathroom a lot. My mother-in law stayed with us for a week and she would use this bathroom to wash up in. The day after she left we noticed a dark area on the granite countertop all around the sink.

Half of it dried and the other half lightened up some, but is still there and it's been 4 days now.

I don't know what to do? In some cases does it take longer to dry and how long should I wait? Can I do something to help dry it?

=== Admin comment: The dark area around the sink is likely due to water absorption. With constant use and contact with water over a week, the water probably absorbed deep into the stone and is taking longer to evaporate in some places.

dark spots on new granite countertop
by: Kathy

I have the same issue. Light colored granite countertop installed 2 days ago, looked beautiful.

Today I see gray blotches, mostly around the corners of the sink area. There are similar marks in the exact same areas when you look from underneath the sink cabinet.

Can anything be done? We had tile backsplash/wall installed and the tile is discontinued so if the countertop is taken out and the tile is ruined, it can't be replaced.

We've already paid in full because everything looked perfect upon installation. Help!


As indicated in the article above your only option is to try and remove the stains following procedures in the recommended "Removing Stains" e-book. And then hope more adhesive doesn't leach to the surface.

You'll also find more information on the marble stains page.

dark greyish spots on empress gold granite after installation
by: Anonymous

We installed Empress gold granite in our newly remodeled kitchen. I am seeing dark greyish spots everywhere. It looks really ugly. The installer said it will go away in a week. It has just been 3 days... Seeing other posts, this seems like a big problem:( Last resort is to remove it.Can the granite be removed without damaging the new cabinets? very worried!

dark spots
by: Anonymous

I went to dinner after my installation of salt and pepper granite and came home to spots. Should I panic?

===ANSWER: The spots are likely from the adhesive. Could go away after a few days to a couple weeks, but may not.

I'd contact your installer, have them take a look and do not pay any remaining balance until the spots go away. You may have to remove them like removing a stain.

Sometimes though even this is not entirely successful since the glue is usually absorbed through the full thickness of the granite.

it's already been 1.5 months since the counter was installed
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. It's been about almost two months since the counter was installed and the problem still persists. First the contractor said it will take two months, but now he says it may take up to 4 months. This just doesn't sound right to me. Can it really take up to 4 months or more to dry. I haven't given him the final payment yet, so I can definitely hold it until it's gone. It's just a pain in the butt to have to have work done after I've moved in the house.


The longer it goes on the more permanent it's likely to be. And you should see some changes. If it looks the same as day one... not good. It won't just one day disappear.

If it's going to go away, it usually does it pretty quick... within a couple/three weeks.

I'd start talking about replacement with your installer and/or (unfortunately) thinking about small claims or legal action (depending on the cost of the job).

Dark Adhesive Spots
by: Ryan

Yes, adhesive can be a problem is incorrectly applied or an improper type is used.

The adhesive can leach through causing dark spots. Sometimes these will go away as the glue evaporate and cures.

However, they can remain permanent. When this happens the only solution is complete replacement.

Sometimes applying a poultice can be helpful, but the glue may just bleed back to the surface again.

If you haven't already, then I'd hold final payment until they do go away and/or require replacement.

I have the same issue....
by: Anonymous

I have similar granite counters installed about a month and a half ago and dark spots started appearing about 1 week after the initial installation. The spots got progressively darker as the days went by. The contractor said it is the consistency of the adhesive that has seeped through the granite and that it will disappear in time. He told me it may take up to 3 months. That sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me. Is this normal? He said he tried putting a torch to it and it went away for a day or so, but eventually the spots came back. Is there any hope for this piece of granite? or should I have the whole thing replaced. If it needs to be replaced, then the back splash and or cabinets may be damaged in the process. I'm at a lost, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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