Cleaning UbaTuba Granite

by Albert
(Richmond, Texas)


We have UbaTuba and the saleperson from the builder did not recommend that we seal it.

So, I asked her what is the best for cleaning granite countertops, if it gets water marks, stains, etc.

She suggested plain soap and water and also she said I can use alcohol and that will remove any marks and give it a nice shine...can alcohol damage the granite?


No rubbing alcohol won't damage granite, however acetone (neutral, no damage) is more commonly used to clean granite after installation.

Regarding sealing granite: Your salesperson is not far off base and may be right, but here's the whole story....

Often Ubatuba is very dense, non-absorbent and does not need sealing. However, remember granite is a natural product and can vary. Some Ubatuba is absorbent enough to warrant sealing.

How to tell?

You must test it using water or the acetone will work too.

Testing is the only way you'll know for sure if you should seal no matter what stone you have.

You won't have a problem with water spots (that's a marble issue).

Regarding cleaning granite countertops: Do not use soap. It is commonly recommended because it won't hurt your granite, but if you use it as a regular cleaner it will leave a residue (even if you rinse) that builds up and eventually dulls the surface. At that point you'll have to strip it off and that's no fun.

Better to just use hot water for general clean up/wipe down and then use a cleaner for natural stone like Granite Countertop & Marble Cleaning spray at the end of the day or as needed.

Enjoy your stone!

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