Cleaning Marble Cat Vomit Stain

by Rick
(Las Vegas)


I have dark brown with creme marble floor tile. The cat vomited on the marble in 3 different spots.

After cleaning the floor tile with warm water, I notice 3 stains (like a discolor) on the marble.

Now the 3 spots are dull and have no shine. What can I do to correct this? I am sure the cat will do it again! Thanks


Rick, the cat vomit is acidic. Marble is sensitive to acids and will "etch" upon contact.

That is... the acid eats away or corrodes the shiny polished surface layer exposing the more raw (and dull) marble underneath.

Well, polishing marble makes the surface shiny and brings out the color. When something etches the marble tile destroying the polish and revealing the dull and lighter marble it looks like a "stain," but it isn't.

Marble stains and etching are two completely different issues. Some substances can both stain and etch, but how the damage is done and the solutions for each are unrelated.

To remove the dull spots you'll need to use a good marble polishing compound like ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

This is specifically made for marble polishing & etch repair to restore the shine and color on etched marble that has a "polished" shiny finish (or was shiny prior to etching).

And you are right... probably won't be the last time you see this, so this product is a must for good marble maintenance.

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