Cleaning Granite Countertop CLR Damage

by Richard J. Carr
(Calgary Alberta Canada)


How do I remove CLR stain from surface. The surface is now cloudy in certain areas of the granite countertop. thanks Richard.


CLR is pretty acidic and all care should be taken to never expose CLR to natural stone.

What you have is not a "stain". It's physical damage to the stone.

Acids can corrode stone leaving dull and/or cloudy spots called "etching".

Typically granite will hold up better and is not always damaged by CLR, however, when it is there isn't much you can do except call in a stone pro to grind down and re-finish the granite countertop.

Granite is too hard and repairing etching would require skilled use of special abrasives and tools.

If you are mistaken and this is a marble countertop, which is much softer, then you can use the ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing Paste.

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