Which Granite looks like White Carrara Marble?

Bianco Romano Granite Looks Like Carrara Marble

Bianco Romano Granite Looks Like Carrara Marble

Bianco Romano Granite Looks Like Carrara Marble
Carrara Marble Countertop


I'm aware that White Carrara Marble is frowned upon for use as a kitchen countertop because it etches from food acids.

If you really like the look of marble, but you're being met with resistance from kitchen designers, what granite colors (or other countertop materials) look somewhat similar to white Carrara marble?


I feel your frustration. No other natural stone provokes the "I must have it... " feeling like Carrara marble. Luckily, you have several alternatives that I share with you below.

Just to note though... designers and stone fabricators are right to caution you about choosing marble for a kitchen countertop. It can cause more worry than wanted. Bathroom countertops, floors, showers are all fine for marble. No problem in these areas.

Many designers don't know better or will use Carrara marble in the kitchen regardless of maintenance issues. It may look spectacular, but foremost kitchen countertops need to be functional and the extra maintenance of marble is irritating to most homeowners.

So... how to get the look of white Carrara marble without the maintenance?

Wow! That's a tough one. White Carrara marble is pretty distinctive.

Keep in mind that not all Carrara marbles look alike either. Some are very white with little veining. Others more grey with a scads of veins.

Carrara marble light medium dark color collage

All considered, though, a few granite countertop colors do evoke the essence of Carrara marble and are worthy of comparison.

In addition, a couple other countertop materials offer interesting colors similar to white Carrara marble.

Let's explore the candidates...

Granite Colors That Look Like Carrara Marble

Casa Blanca granite is one to check out. You may find a slab that has a veining effect resembling marble.

Bianco Romano is a beautiful granite countertop color with a look close to Carrara marble.

Beola Ghiandonata can look much more like marble than granite. It is typically more gray than white so that may not suit you, but it typically has a linear striation pattern like White Carrara marble.
four granite countertop colors that look like carrara marble - collage

Glacier White granite can be a light gray-white with striations resembling marble veins or it can be a darker gray with a more mottled and typically "granite" type pattern. It's a good one to check out at your local stone warehouse knowing that it may be off the mark. You never know.

Avoid Kashmir White. The pleasing pattern and color of this granite is quite popular, however, it is usually very porous and easily stained. Stains are not in fashion and this is one granite where sealing often does not help.

While we're on the topic... you should always perform the lemon juice test on the exact slab of any natural stone you are considering. This test will tell you how absorbent (prone to staining) the stone is and if it is sensitive to acids like marble.

Quartzite That Looks Like Marble

White Fantasy is quartzite popular for it's marble look-a-like color and pattern. The veining / pattern does tend to be more dense and the color is usually more gray than white.
white fantasy quartzite kitchen island countertop looks like carrara marble

White Princess is another quartzite that brings marble to mind. In truth, White Fantasy and White Princess quartzite often look very similar.

Said another way... you may find nearly identical slabs one named "Fantasy" the other "Princess". Or distinctly different quartzite slabs both named White Fantasy. Also, you may even see it called granite instead of quartzite.

Naming preference will vary from one stone warehouse to the next like this, so no need to get hung up on a particular name (".... oh, no I want White Fantasy, not White Princess..."). It will only make the search more confusing.

We see this with granite, marble and all natural stones. Names of specific varieties are not always strictly applied and you may find wide variation in the look of any stone with the same name or stones that look identical but with different names.

Giving your designer a few names of samples you've seen and liked (or suggested here) is a good place to start for sure, but ultimately the name doesn't matter.

You want to hunt stone warehouses for a slab with the color, tone and pattern you like regardless of the name.

A few other quartzite colors that look like Carrara marble to consider are: Super White, Luce di Luna and White Macaubas seen below...
four quartzite countertop colors that look like carrara marble collage

TIP: Test Quartzites for Etching

Quartzite can make an excellent, low-maintenance kitchen countertop much like granite... if you choose the right slab.

Some quartzite will contain enough calcite (what marble is made of) to etch just like marble does. Obviously, we are trying to avoid this situation.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the stone industry is aware of this fact and will whole-heartedly recommend quartzite for the kitchen... just like granite. But a quartzite that etches is much worse than marble.

Marble is soft and etching can be repaired by the homeowner with simple a DIY "etch remover". Quartzite is very hard and any etching must be repaired by an expensive professional.

To pick the perfect quartzite slab just perform the lemon juice test as noted above to weed out those that etch.

Quartz Countertop Colors Like Carrara Marble

Not to be confused with the natural stone "quartzite" featured above, quartz countertops are a manufactured surface with many properties similar to granite and quartzite.
Cambria quartz bathroom countertop looks like Carrara marble - color Torquay

Color choices from the major quartz countertop manufacturers have progressed far beyond the plain speckled patterns of old.

New and intriguing patterns are popping up all the time including several with a similar look to Carrara Marble.
four quartz countertop colors that look like white Carrara marble-collage

If you really don't like anything but a White Carrara countertop then put it in honed and seal it often.

The color and pattern won't show through as much as a polished surface, but even a devoted fan will start to curse polished marble in the kitchen once it is spotted all over with etch marks.

Honed White Carrara marble countertops will always be more maintenance intensive than granite and may still get some noticeable etch marks and maybe stain if you are not a diligent cleaner.

So, it's really a matter of expectations. If you know what you are in for with a marble kitchen countertop and are willing to let it develop some blemishes and/or constantly tend to it's needs, then do it.... but I don't recommend it.

You may think you can handle it, but later get sick and tired of always looking after it and being extra careful.

Again, marble countertops are only a problem in the kitchen since there is just so much contact with acidic foods and drinks. Elsewhere in the house... no problem.

I'm sure though if you put White Carrara out of your mind as an option you could find a granite that you like without needing it to look like Carrara. There are many gorgeous colors to choose from.

It's much less stressful to have a kitchen counter top that is beautiful and yet so tough you'd have to really try to damage it... worry free cooking.

If you do find a granite, be sure to water test a sample to see how porous it is and if it needs sealing.

Satisfy your Carrara craving by putting it in a bathroom!

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granite that looks like carrera marble
by: susan t.

I recently saw in a kitchen design store a sample of granite called "palisades". It looked just like carrera. I also saw a Corian sample that too looked like carrera.

Corian that looks like Carrara?
by: Anonymous

Hi. Can you tell me which Corian looked like Carrara?


Corian that looks like Marble
by: Anonymous

I saw a Corian sample called "Rain Cloud" which is probably the closest you'll find, but it does not come close as far as the shine and veining.

Similar Granite
by: Anonymous

We also liked Carrara White and ended up picking Kashmir White granite - there's the dotted variety that Home Depot sells, but you can find a slab with very nice vein if you go to a stone yard. It's considered entry-level granite, but it's not boring like other types of granite in the same category - the gray and sometimes dark purple veins give it character. It can also save you a bundle - we got it for $39/sq.f.

=== Admin comment: Kashmir really doesn't look anything like Carrara marble except that it is somewhat whitish... but on a more important note... Kashmir also absorbs liquids like a sponge. Very difficult to seal. One of a very few granites that just should never be installed since it will stain so easy. Many like the look, but it's a bad choice.

White Fantasy
by: Anonymous

White Fantasy Granite is the closest granite I have seen to Carrera Marble.

White Carrara Marble look a likes
by: Tonja

Check out quartz! They are getting really close to the Marble look...especially Compac Brand and it's actually called "Carrara". The company only sales the stone by the slab so unless your lucky on the sq it could get costly... At least this has been my research and subject to change of course! Check out other brands like Silestone "lyra".

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