Unlevel Countertops


My installer put in our granite counter tops and they are not level.

He blames the cabinets for not being level and said they are set in place and can't be changed.

What can I do?


If you haven't made the final payment (which you never should until completely satisfied), then insist that he come back in and level the granite countertops.

Foundations can move, etc. making cabinets unlevel. That's just something the installer must account for so he can install the countertops level using shims or whatever necessary.

It's total nonsense that he wants to blame the cabinets like he can't do a thing about it.

It's standard practice to level the tops upon installation and any true professional will do this.

Of course, if the countertops become unlevel in a year or two, etc. after install, that's not his problem. But a new countertop must be made level when installed.

If you've made final payment, then you may be out of luck if the guy doesn't feel like making it right.

You could bring a small claims suit or proper lawsuit if the price tag on the install is high enough.

If no luck with this installer, then the best choice might be to hire someone a different granite fabricator to come in and add some shims. Typically this can be done without damage to the granite counter top.

The other thing to consider is how unlevel are they? If an apple quickly rolls off, then okay... something must be done.

But I doubt you are storing marbles on the surface and most things lie flat. Yes, spilled liquid immediately running over the countertop edge onto the floor is irritating... but again how bad is it really?

If only slightly unlevel, then it may be fine and not worth the hassle.

granite countertop cleanerGood Luck,

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