Sealing Made Limestone Countertop Dark

by Alex
(New jersey)


I had a beautiful light gray limestone counter top that turned into very dark gray after it was sealed by who is supposed to be a professional.

This person claimed all limestone turns into dark gray when sealed but I think he screwed it up as I have definitely seen a sealed light gray limestone countertop before. What do you think and how do I fix it?


Standard impregnating sealers typically used to seal limestone countertops or any stone will not alter the color or only ever so slighly darker. So, your contractor is incorrect.

There are other products available that are marketed as "sealers" as if they are just the same as impregnating sealers that ought to be used, but are really some type of topical coating (that rarely should be used) which almost always will change the appearance and color of the stone.

That's one possibility... although not the most likely.

What probably happened is that he used a "color-enhancing" sealer which works like a regular impregnating sealer, but is also meant to darken the color and give a honed stone the "wet look".

Color-enhancing sealers are most commonly used on lighter travertine, marble and limestone countertops and floors to provide a richer color.

To get back to the original color (or close) you'll need to either strip off the sealer, which would be the least troublesome and expensive or you may have to have the entire countertop resurfaced.

You'll find detailed information on sealers, sealing and stripping sealers in the All About Sealing e-book.

Of course, you should withhold final payment on your installation until this issue is successfully resolved.

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Follow up question
by: Alex

If I don't strip the sealant now but wait a year before doing so, would it be more difficult to stripe it or would there be permanent damage to my countertop?


Well, your countertop probably isn't "damaged"... something was applied that you don't like the effect of, but it's likely the applied product is working as it was designed and no damage has occurred.

But for stripping sooner is better especially if you are within a few days of application.

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