Removing Sealer From Quartz

by Michelle


I purchased a white caesarstone quartz countertops directly from a manufacturer, but I didn't realized they sealed the stone until it was installed under my drop in tub.

The "film" started flaking off once I started scrubbing it with my finger thinking it was silicone...

How do I strip the sealer without damaging the quartz stone? I went to the manufacture and they told me to scrub it off with fine steel wool. Can someone please help me??


Michelle I'd defer to the manufacturer and follow their instructions on this one.

Here's why:

Caesarstone is not actually a "stone". It's a man-made quartz countertop like Silestone, Zodiac, Cambria quartz and others. These are made from stone combining quartz in a resin that is dyed and formed into slabs.

Solvents and other chemicals that you could use on granite countertops to remove a sealer will likely damage the resin in your quartz counter tops.

And Caesarstone did not seal it. It isn't meant to be sealed. Quartz countertops have a low rate of absorption and do not stain easy.

They say it is stain-proof, but that's not quite true. It can be stained. It's very hard to do, but it does happen. It just can't be sealed.

So, I'd kick whoever told you it needed to be sealed in the shins.

I wish I could help you more, but give the steel wool a shot. We recommend using steel wool as well for some issues, so this may work fine.

You can learn more about granite vs. silestone counter tops materials (and other quartz countertops brands - all about the same) at the counter tops materials page.

Good Luck,

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Removing Gloss Sealer from a Quartz Countertop

by Stephen Moore
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


We have just had a Cambria quartz countertop installed. When the backsplash was installed the installer sealed it with Tilelab Gloss Sealer and Finish and he has spilled some of it on the countertop.

What would be the best product to use to remove the sealer from the quartz countertop?


Well, IF it were a granite countertop (or any other natural stone) I'd suggest using acetone or methylene chloride to strip a sealer....

However, such solvents could potentially damage the resin that colors and binds the quartz of a quartz countertop.

So, DO NOT use solvents or any other strong chemical like bleach or acids on Silestone, Cambria, Zodiac or any brand of quartz countertops. Many chemicals will permanently damage quartz counter tops.

You may try using 0000 grade steel wool pad, but go lightly. It should not scratch at all, but again this is a man-made product, so options for repair/cleaning are more limited than with granite or natural stone countertops.

But first, I'd contact the manufacturer and see what they recommend for removing a sealer.

granite countertop cleanerGood Luck,

P.S. Get all the facts and simple step-by-step solutions to any problem with our Granite & Marble Maintenance Manuals.

Find the recommended best product brands for cleaning marble, sealing, cleaning granite countertops, quartz and all natural stone.

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