Marble vanity top stain due to CLR use.

by James C.


Some CLR cleaner was used on the polished marble top. The shine is now gone at spots. Vinegar and clorox cleanup were used to clean or alter the effect of the CLR. It did not work.

Lemon oil furniture polish has also been used with no improvement. Within about 2 months after the marble vanity top was installed it developed a hairline crack. At times the Lemon oil was used. I see from your site that the Lemon oil should not be used. How do we restore the spots that the shine/polish has been lost or etched from the CLR? Maybe you have a restoring product that can be used? Thanks.


Yes, all the products you used will damage the marble with the results you describe.

Very common problem that people are not informed properly by their installers about correct marble care.

Acidic foods, drinks and harsh cleaning products will damage marble. It's called "etching". Etching is corrosion of the marble that destroys the shiny surface leaving a dull spot.

So, to begin with from now on you should only use products safe for cleaning marble.

You may also consider investing in the Cleaning Marble Secrets Guide so you can learn everything you need to know for proper marble maintenance, solve problems, protect, clean, etc.

Marble care is not hard or complex, you just have to know what the surface is like and how to do it right just like learning how to take care of wood, clothes, carpets, leather, your car finish, etc.

And yes... luckily there is a product that can repair etching if it's not too severe and very rough to the touch.

ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product is specifically designed to remove etch marks from polished marble. (Honed marble requires a different technique)

It's easy to use, but since your marble suffered repeated damage you may have to apply the paste several times.

Most etching is mild enough that the paste easily removes the marks, but again if the etching is too severe, your only option at that point is to hire a marble maintenance professional to restore the surface.

I always recommend people use the paste first because it is far far less expensive than a pro and typically does the trick.

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