Haze on Crema Marfil Marble Floor

by Marjan


Hi, we had our bathroom remodeled and put Honed cream of Marfil marble(Hexagon) for our floor and the polished 12" our shower wall! We had problems with our contractor so had to stop the project and find new contractor but that was after the tiling was done! our floor looks really hazy and not consistence! the do not look nice and clear at all! the second tile guy sealed them before asking us that what is this hazy look on them! so after he sealed them, we were like what the Hell is this? why they look so bad! And now we are wondering if that is the grout haze on them! :-( How can we fix that? after they have been sealed like that?


Thanks for the pictures, that usually helps although in this instance I cannot see the haze, but it is most likely grout haze remaining on the surface.

Your second tile guy may not be much better if he didn't know what it was. If you used a typical impregnating stone sealer, then it won't affect removal of the grout haze since impregnating sealers absorb into the stone/grout and do not for a film over the top.

Since the marble is honed you may get away with using a typical acidic grout haze remover, but acids will etch marble which will damage the finish.

This may not be that noticeable if done over the entire surface, but it could also create an uneven look.

I'd suggest using a non-acid cleaner like this Soap Scum / Hard Water Remover that won't etch or damage the marble at all and
works very well to remove grout haze.

It's best to spray it on and let sit for 5-15 minutes and then scrub with soft-bristle brush.

Of course, you may have to apply an impregnating sealer again to cover the areas that were covered by grout haze.

Another possible explanation for the haze on the tile is improperly applied sealer. Did the first tile guy apply a sealer?

Marble is actually pretty dense an often does not need sealing. Many (even in the stone industry) erroneously believe that marble stains easy. It doesn't. It etches easy, which many confuse with staining, but it's completely different.

Sealing helps prevent staining, but if the marble isn't very absorbent then any sealer applied will just sit on the surface, dry and leave a dull haze.

This can also occur even if the stone could be sealed, but the sealer was left to dry on the surface, which is not the correct way to apply a sealer. The excess should always be completely removed before it dries.

However, given that your installation is a mosaic with hundreds of grout lines, it is most likely grout haze and you should use the cleaner mentioned above.

Good Luck,

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by: Marjan

Hi, thank you so much for replying back to me! Does sanding first and then cleaning them with grout cleaner helps?


No, no need to sand.

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