Granite That Looks Like Calcutta Gold Marble


I LOVE calcutta gold marble however i will not put it in my kitchen. i have 2 small kids, work and entertain alot so don't have time to keep an eye out for spills,etc. is there a granite out there that will give me the look?


Well the answer is... not really. Granite can have a lot of movement with very dramatic patterns, but there's nothing quite like the veining you get with many white marbles.

However, here's a list of few granites you may find appealing for the similar vibe and aesthetic.

Andromeda White Granite
Arctic Cream
Blue Persa
Cashmere White (Although typically very porous and can be difficult to seal)
Imperial White
Juparana White
Juparana taupe light
Taupe White

Now, the problem is that granite is a natural stone and the "look" of any color/variety can change from batch to batch, slab to slab and can look quite different.

Thus, you may look at some of these stones and think... "why did he recommend that... not even close..."

So, you just have to visit your local stone warehouses and look around for something that seems in tune with your design sensibilities.

But keep in mind that you may find a granite that you've never seen before and find you love just as much as Calcutta Gold if you keep your mind open, however, you'll likely get frustrated if you go into it trying to find something that looks "exactly" like it.

Granite and marble are just different.

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