Stained & Worn Outdoor Marble Tile

by S Elkin
(Baltimore MD)


I have a home built in 1930 and the floor tile of the entryway is black and white marble tile squares.

The floor is on a covered porch but exposed to the elements and receives heavy foot traffic.

The marble is nearly 80 years old and stained, especially the white marble squares, which are badly scarred and yellowed.

Since the floor can be wet, I am hesitant to apply anything that could be slippery and dangerous.

I would like a shiny finish but finish is now matte and that would be fine, if it were only clean.


The fastest, easiest and best way to get what you want may be to hire a marble repair professional to restore the floor tile.

Since it is so old, stains and discoloration may be well below the surface and not easily cleaned or removed.

I would suggest that you do NOT polish it. A polished surface will be very slippery. There are coatings that can be applied to make it less slippery, but many of these will not let the marble breath which is a must in a wet area and on flooring.

Also, the polish will be constantly worn away by foot traffic requiring periodic re-polishing by a pro. Expensive.

Honed marble flooring is much better from a maintenance perspective and safer too.

The yellowing may be from a wax or other coating that should be stripped off. I'd recommend using De-Greaser / Wax Remover / Stripper if you'd like to do the job yourself.

Once stripped of any surface coating, I'd use TILE & GROUT Stone Cleaner with a soft scrub brush to clean surface grime. Spray on and let the TILE & GROUT Cleaner sit for 10 minutes yields the best results.

Using the TILE & GROUT Cleaner and a power washer is often very effective too.

After stripping and cleaning you may find that the marble is stained.

Marble staining occurs when a substance absorbs into the pores of the stone. Surface cleaners will not remove these.

Use the stain-removal procedure outlined in the Removing Stains Manual/e-book.

Scratches can be sanded out using 240 or 400 grit metal sand paper unless they penetrate the surface layer, then a pro will need to re-surface the marble. However, if scratches are really deep... like gouges... then you can fill these with this clear acrylic repair gel.

To tie it up... you can probably restore or at least vastly improve the appearance of the worn outdoor marble tile yourself with the above suggestions, but just keep in mind that marble this old could need professional help.

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