Outdoor Marble Table Dulled By Weather


I have a Carrara marble bistro table that has been sitting outside on a sunny balcony for several years.

The color has faded and the surface is dull and rough.

The original color was bright white, but now it is light gray. It has no obvious stains.

It has only ever been cleaned with water and a soft cloth.

Can you give advice on how to get it looking shiny again and care for it better in the future, preferably with natural or homemade materials? Thanks.


Rain, wind, dust, and general weather has worn away the thin polished layer on the surface exposing the rough interior of the stone.

Marble is polished by friction and abrasion with machines or hand tools kind of like sanding wood smooth... although it requires much more skill and knowledge than sanding wood.

Polishing marble brings out the color and better defines the details of the pattern.

So, a very thin layer on the surface is smooth and shiny. If that surface is worn away, then you see the rock in its natural state which is dull and less vibrant in color.

Professional re-polishing may be needed to get it to look like it did when you bought it. This depends on how worn and raw the surface is now.

Or try a DIY restoration using the Etch remover polishing compound.

This product is excellent, but it is meant to restore what is essentially mild to moderate surface damage. If the surface is too rough, then a pro may be needed.

It's a lot cheaper than a pro, though, so could be worth a shot.

Or... just leave it the way it is. It is still beautiful with plenty of character... just different now.

Once restored the only sure way to keep the polish from wearing away again is to cover it when not in use.

Alternatively, and/or additionally you could apply a Topical Conditioning Polish that will coat the surface (temporarily as it will wear off in time) and provide a bit of protection from the elements.

And of course, clean with water only or a specially formulated Granite and Marble Cleaning spray.

Another option is to apply a color enhancing sealer, if you like the look of the table when it is wet.

The color-enhancer will give it that "wet look" with a bit of a sheen (but not shiny) and a more saturated, darker color.

It will also help guard against staining, which the marble table will be much more susceptible to in its current rough state vs. polished marble which is less porous and absorbent.

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