How To Polish Marble


How do you polish worn white marble?


In general marble polishing to restore the finish on a worn surface is done solely by a marble repair professional.

Restoring stone is an exacting art. Polishing a marble floor for instance or a marble countertop requires considerable skill and experience. Not a DIY job even for a top handyman.

There isn't any spray or product that you can apply yourself to instantly make it shiny.

The polish or shine on marble doesn't come from the application of any wax or product. It is created by grinding and smoothing using diamond abrasives. Again, to do it right requires a highly developed technique. Even your average natural stone fabricator or installer is not qualified for such a job.

Re-finishing/ polishing marble is a normal process in the life of any installation (if desired) but particulaly of polished marble floors.

Marble is not as hard as granite and repeated use and foot traffic will eventually wear away the shiny surface layer.

However, you may have some other issues like a wax that has been applied that is now dull and scuffed or a soap build up that is dulling the marble.

Try cleaning a small area with this De-Greaser / Wax Remover / Stripper.

If the cleaned area reveals a shiny surface then you may not need re-polishing. If not, then get references and interview as many marble restoration pros you can find. You are not looking for a "deal".

You want the best craftsman you can find and do NOT fall for re-crystallization. Easy to do and your marble will look shiny, but problems eventually arise with this short-cut technique since it chemically alters the physical nature of your marble permanently. The surface is no longer pure marble.

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