Care of Outdoor Marble Table


Can I leave a marble-topped table and tea cart outdoors during the winter months??? Live on East Coast where it does freeze during winter months.


Yes, you can leave your marble table outside during the winter.

Weather will wear on the surface over time, so if it has a shiny polished finish you may not want to keep it outside or at least cover it.

It is possible that freeze and thaw cycles could cause damage if water is able to absorb into the marble, but not highly likely.

You may consider applying a sealer to the top surface only (allow bottom surface to breath well) like one of these recommended marble & granite sealers to keep water from absorbing, which will eliminate the major cause of cracking, etc.

It's typically best not to seal stone in a wet environment, but if this is a smallish table and the marble thin, then it could be more susceptible to freeze damage so minimizing water absorption with a sealer may be the way to go.

But again, it's a fairly low risk that your table will be damaged by freezing temperatures.

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