Black Galaxy Water Spots

by Lisa Phimmasone
(Sacramento, CA)


I just recently had installed Black Galaxy graninte countertops in all bathrooms, the kitchen countertops and island. I have so many water stains/water rings that it's driving me insane.

I am constantly cleaning and wiping down water that splatters onto the granite. It gets very tiresome.

I use a spray for cleaning granite countertops and a polisher twice a week to maintain it.

But, my question is should I seal it?

I know that Black Galaxy is a dense granite, but is there no other way to deal with the water spots/water rings?

How do I go about removing the water rings?


If you are getting water spots and rings and cleaning the granite countertops doesn't remove them and a granite sealer has not been applied, then most likely you have a "doctored" granite.

This is a problem with black granite countertop slabs. Some unscrupulous dealers apply a coloring agent that makes the granite "blacker" so it can be sold for more.

The substance applied is what gets etched and/or leaves glass-rings... not the granite itself. The black galaxy is not being stained.

Sealing will not help this. Although, sometimes if a sealer is applied to a dense granite that really doesn't need it, a residue can remain on the surface that may etch leaving glass-rings, etc.

In other words, something is on top of your granite causing a problem. The doctoring agent and/or sealer residue must be stripped using a solvent like methylene chloride.

However, if the spots you are talking about are simply water that has splattered and dried, but can be wiped clean, then that is just the nature of a dark and shiny surface... you can see all that at certain angles.

So yeah, if you use your countertops constantly, then you'll have to wipe them down constantly IF you want them to always be shiny and spotless.

If the "water" spots and rings appear permanent, then you have a possible case of fraud being sold a "doctored" granite. You can test for this with the Forensic Granite Test Kit, which will identify the cause of this issue.

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Is this the right product you mentioned?
by: Anonymous

Thank you VERY much for your prompt and specific response! =) I went to that link, and the product I found was "Stone Care Pro: BATH & SHOWER Soap Film/Hard Water Remover (1 QT)" so I will assume that that is the product you are referring to. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you so much again! You rock! =)

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

Yes, that's the correct product. Soap scum is a constant issue in every shower/bath and hard water is often a problem as well, so this product is designed primarily for use in the shower, but of course it works anywhere these problems occur. Good luck!

Cleaning water spots
by: Ryan

Etching from an acidic substance is what causes the "water spots." They are not from water.

However, Black Galaxy does not etch. So, if you have water spots, then you have a doctored granite, which would be the fault and responsibility of the fabricator/installer and the stone warehouse.

You may not have doctored granite, but rather the reaction and water spots may be the result of improper sealing.

Some sealers will react with acids creating the water spots if residue is left on the surface, which is common when sealers are applied inappropriately to granites that do not need and cannot absorb a sealer.

doctored black galaxy
by: Anonymous

HOW TO GET RID OF WATER SPOTS "DOCTORED" BLACK GALAXY COUNTER TOP? recommendation? Is this manufactory's fault (stone company) or contractor who fabricated and installed faults? thanks for advice.

black galaxy
by: Anonymous

so this stone-care pro-products actually diappear the water spots on Black Galaxy countertops "doctored granite" ? if so let me know the price and product name. thanks.

Is wax and steel wool ok for heavy hard water deposits
by: Anonymous

I have what is called "Tan Brown" granite counter tops (actually it's mostly black with big brown specs throughout).

I admit I do NOT wipe up water drops that accumulate around the sinks.

We have hard water and the water drops and puddles dries there right were they fall, over and over again.

We installed it 10 years ago. So, as you can imagine, I have a fairly heavy buildup of calcium and lime deposits around my faucets.

Water left on them does not make the area darker, even oil left on it does not make the area darker, so it must be the kind that doesn't need sealing.

To remove the hard water build up the installer said to use some type of waxy substance and a 01 grid steel wool pad and rub, rub, rub, then leave for an hour, then wipe off. I have never done it as I lost the wax he gave me.

Does this sound at all like a good way to remove hard water build up of this type of granite? I keep hearing abrasive things (steel wool) are bad to use, but is it ok with the wax and only on calcium/lime build up?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

0000 grade steel wool is very fine and not severely abrasive. Or rather it is, but the steel wool is so fine that it works to buff the surface more than scratch.

So, yes... 0000 grade steel wool is sometimes effective at removing mild hard water deposits. Heavy or consistent build-up is more of a challenge with just steel wool. A more labor intensive method. Not sure about his thinking on the wax. Wax is just going to cause another build-up.

The easiest way to tackle hard water mineral build-up (and to keep the affected areas clean) is to use an effective and stone-safe cleaner made for just this purpose like this Soap Film & Hard Water Deposit Remover. It's the best we've used.

Just spray on, let sit for a bit, and then scrub with a regular nylon pad or soft-brush. Then use as needed around faucet and sink as a regular cleaner to eliminate additional deposits.

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