White Carrara Marble vs. Crema Marfil Kitchen Countertop

by jamie


We are considering marble for our kitchen perimeter counters. We are interested in a honed white carrara or a brushed crema marfil. Do you know if one would be better than the other? I see more of the carrara in kitchens.


Both stones are calcite based, so both will etch upon contact with acidic food and drinks, which is why marble countertops are not recommended for a kitchen.

You may see the Carrara used in kitchens, but only because it looks great in magazines and not because it is a good choice. Interior designers are even more ignorant about marble maintenance than stone sales people.

True, marble has been used for centuries as a kitchen countertop and they are great IF you don't mind that the color and look will change with use and age and will not remain looking new without considerably more maintenance than a granite countertop.

I suggest you read the many answers (scroll to bottom) to similar questions regarding this issue. People love marble, it's beautiful, but just not a good choice for a kitchen countertop. Everywhere else in the house is fine.

But neither carrara nor crema marfil has a significant advantage over the other.

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