Sealing Resined Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

by Tim
(N. Carolina)


I just had a new counter top installed, made of Typhoon Bordeaux Granite.

I did the water drop test, and it appears to pass with no apparent darkening in over 5 minutes. I understand that there is likely some wax type sealer installed during installation.

Do you recommend sealing at this time for prevention, or do you recommend waiting to test again?

Or do you feel this granite counter top should never need sealing?

If you recommend waiting, how long do you recommend?

If you recommend sealing, what do you recommend using, and how do you compare that product to Granite Shield?

I'm asking because Granite Shield offers a lifetime warranty, but I wonder how much that warranty is really necessary, and how much is simply peace of mind. Thanks. Tim



I'd run the water test for longer than five minutes. Make two puddles of water and put a clear glass over each. Let one sit for 10 minutes... wipe off water and observe for darkening. Do the second at 15 minutes.

This stone is probably "resined" which is the "wax" I think you are referring to. Resining is done at the factory to fill any voids, fissures, etc.... perfectly normal and usually a good thing.

If it is, a granite sealer is probably unnecessary (resining very often seals the countertop slab) and likely would not absorb at all anyway, but could create a mess of a problem if you tried to apply it.

When testing....

If no darkening after 10 minutes then you are probably good to go.

If some darkening at 15 minutes, it possibly could be sealed, but really not worth worrying about... just gives you an idea of the absorbency of the stone.

If no darkening beyond 15 minutes, then you know it will be virtually impossible to stain.

If the 10 minute test gets dark, then I'd seal it. I recommend SenGuard or these sealers.

Standard granite sealers would likely last many years, although it's possible a second application would be required at some point.

The SenGuard sealer, however, forms permanent bonds and you'd almost certainly never have to seal again. I say "almost" because every stone is different and these cutting-edge products haven't been around long enough to know for sure they will last as designed and/or as tested in the labs.

Granite Shield will provide excellent protection... similar to SenGuard... but the developer will only license it to installers and the fee he wants to become a "dealer" is a bit ridiculous, so we haven't joined.

It's a multi-step application, so more complicated to apply. I'd bet it will last a "lifetime," but I think you'll get the same performance with SenGuard and it's far easier to apply.

SenGuard offers a 15 year warranty with professional application. I don't know why they don't offer a lifetime warranty. Probably because nobody can prove that yet, even though it is likely to be the case with this technology.

Granite Shield knows that the chance of them having to make good on a warranty is very small, so I think they just go for it and offer "lifetime" mainly for an edge in marketing their product and to charge more.

To answer your warranty question... I think the warranty is most likely unnecessary. You'll never have to use it, but of course you pay for it. Again, very good granite sealer, but I'm not convinced you'll get better performance than from a sealer that costs far less.

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