Sealing Black Galaxy Problem

by Phoenix

QUESTION: I have black galaxy granite countertops and my wife decided to seal the countertop... and it dried with streaks and looks like crap. I tried marble polish but it is still streaky.

How can I retain the original finish and add to the luster?

ANSWER: First, true Black Galaxy granite countertops are one of the best stones for the kitchen. Because it is so dense with tiny pores and does not absorb anything, it is essentially stain-proof.

NOTE: In recent years some black granites on the market have been "doctored" with a coloring agent to make it more "black." The coloring agent on these doctored stones will etch from acids. Look for black streaks on the edges of the slab in the warehouse and/or preform the lemon test on a sample... true Black Galaxy will not react.

Also, because Black Galaxy is non-absorbent, it will not take a sealer.

If you apply a sealer, it will just sit on the surface. If you let it dry before wiping ALL of the sealer off the surface, you will get streaks.

To remove the streaks you will need to strip the sealer off the countertop with methylene chloride.

You could do this yourself, but honestly it's a nasty job and I'd hire a professional to come take a look and restore the countertop.

Once restored, of course do not put a granite sealer on it. Just wipe it with a granite cleaner daily/weekly, every couple months use a spray on granite polish or color enhancer and it will look great longer than you or I will!

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