Professional SenGuard Application vs.
Sealing Granite Yourself

by Elaine Treadwell
(San Diego, CA)

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A countertop company is trying to sell us on the importance of professional SenGuard sealer treatment that protects granite from staining and comes with a 15-year guarantee.

A slab yard merchant says that process is really uncomplicated and the consumer can do just as well sealing granite themselves for less money.

I'm considering a dark green/black color like Ubatuba granite or Verde Butterfly.

Which process do you recommend?


First, it may be that neither stone needs sealing because they can both be pretty dense and non-absorbent especially verde butterfly.

That's why you should always test for sealing granite countertops (use water or acetone) any stone you intend to seal to determine if indeed it will need or even absorb a sealer.

If testing determines that a granite sealer should be applied, then SenGuard is excellent... the best surface stain-protection technology currently available.

Now, you can buy the SenGuard sealer kit and easily apply it yourself. The DIY kit comes with both DVD and written instructions and all necessary application materials.

The catch on doing it yourself is that you do not get the 15-year warranty. So, you have to consider the likelihood that you'd ever actually need it.

My opinion is that you won't ever need the warranty.

SenGuard granite sealer forms permanent bonds with the stone. This is a critical difference from all other sealers. Today's "standard" sealer will break down over time particularly from cleaners and other chemical/substance exposure, which is why they need periodic re-application.

However, it's quite likely that you will get far more than 15 years of protection from Senguard and it may last a "lifetime."

Personally, I don't think there is much advantage to professional application when sealing granite countertops... unless you simply prefer to pay people to do work for you even though you could do it.

Chance of staining is minimal. I think the warranty says that SenGuard knows how good their product is, but doesn't offer more warranty than they need to. No other retail granite countertop sealer will perform better or even close to 15 years... see what I mean.

And removing stains is easy in most cases and cheap too. So, even if you do stain your marble or granite countertops you can remove the stain using the same simple method any "pro" would use for far less money.

Okay... so if it was under warranty then theoretically the person/company that applied SenGuard sealer would have to come and remove the stain for free.

But since it is so cheap and easy to do it yourself and the actual risk of a stain is near zero... is it worth paying A LOT for professional application to get the warranty?

I think it's great that SenGuard sealer offers a 15-year warranty. It shows they believe in and stand behind their product. I also think that the product is so good, the risk so low and the repair so easy that the warranty really doesn't offer you much value.

I agree with the slab merchant that sealing granite and/or marble yourself saving the money a pro would charge you is the way to go.

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