Polishing Marble Vanity Top Etch Marks

by Chuck
(Kirkland, WA)


Hello, We have a fairly new high polish, light tan color marble vanity top. I accidentally splashed some Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner onto the counter which is 90% Hydorgen Chloride.

The high gloss marble polish is gone in the areas where the splashes were. I immediately wiped it up with a dry cloth, and rinsed thoroughly with a wet cloth, and then dried. I then used a regular cleaner/sealer over the entire counter top.

How do I remove the "etched" spots? Can I polish these out and then reseal, or must I have this done professionally?


Chuck, sounds like you are aware of "etching" and what can happen when harsh cleaning products contact the marble.

I don't think you'll need to hire a marble maintenance pro though. Most etch marks on polished marble can be easily removed (especially if the damaging product is wiped up quickly) using ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing Paste, which is designed precisely for this purpose.

So, just FYI... acidic and too alkaline products will corrode and eat away a bit of the surface marble creating the dull spot. This is the most common marble care issue.

As you found out no cleaner, even one made for marble will remove the etch mark. And sealing has nothing to do with etching. Sealers won't prevent etching... only marble stains.

Once the etch mark is removed you may want to seal again to help prevent stains. You should water test the marble vanity top first though... it may not need sealing. Most often polished marble doesn't since it isn't very absorbent.

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