Marble Vanity Toilet Cleaner Stain

by Adrian
(Laos )


I have a black/grey slate colour marble vanity top.

What has happened is my darling wife while cleaning the bathroom floor decided to place the toilet cleaner on my precious top leaving a horrid white ring stain.

What I need is advice on how I can remove this stain or even dull down the ring.

Subsequently I have barred my wife from ever using the bathroom again and have directed her to a nice thorn bush in the garden and the garden hose pipe -lessons need to be taught.


Ha Ha! Hilarious! Well, don't be too hard on her... this can be fixed.

What happened is called "etching." It's a well-know marble maintenance issue. Marble is reactive with acids and alkaline cleaners (which is almost all common or brand-name cleaners).

When an acid or a toilet cleaner contacts the marble (and it doesn't take much) it corrodes the marble destroying the top shiny layer leaving a dull and lighter discolored spot.

The good news is that etch marks on polished marble can be easily removed using ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

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