Marble Kitchen Countertop Crack

by Lori Thibodeaux
(Monroe, LA )

QUESTION: It is normal to see a large crack that is visible on both sides of marble? In other words the crack looks like it was honed down and I am worried it will break later.

ANSWER: A true "crack" in your marble kitchen countertop is not good, but it may not be a crack.... it might be a "fissure."

On the other hand, it could be a fissure that became a crack or just a crack from excessive force or pressure.


Fissures are present in stone. They formed right along with the rest of the marble millions of years ago.

So, the presence of a fissure is part of the natural make-up of the stone just like the color. And they can go all the way through the slab to be seen on both sides of the marble countertop.

Normally, this is not a problem nor will it become a problem.

However, a fissure can become a crack if not handled carefully during installation or if the marble kitchen countertop was not installed with proper support.

Crack vs. Fissure: What's The Difference?

Truthfully, this is a bit of a gray area...

Generally.... a fissure looks like an wandering path in the stone that you can often feel. So, it looks somewhat like a crack, but the stone looks and feels "whole."

It's edges and outline are typically not well defined and the marble fissure may look and feel different at different points along its path. With parts being more narrow and other parts wider... some parts smoother and others more palpable.

A crack, on the other hand usually has a noticeable, well defined and very thin path that is basically consistent to the eye and the touch along its entire length.

Also, to the touch a crack typically has a precise edge when felt with your finger where a fissure feels more like a slight roughness.

The marble countertop pattern may look more disjointed with a crack and you may actually see some separation of the two sides.

You say it's a "large" crack. Honestly, that sounds like a fissure to me. Many fissures look like large cracks, but they are just fissures which, to answer your question, are "normal" with marble and other natural stone.

A crack can be repaired and could have been in your case. I'd call in an independent marble fabricator (not the one you used) and get his/her opinion and go from there.

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by: CC

Shouldn't they tell you if there is a fissure in the marble? When we purchased the marble we were not told about any fissures that may occur and I would have definately, firmly stated that I don't want to pay $7,000 for a "fissured" countertop!!

ANSWER: Fissures are unavoidable in natural stone. If it "just occurred" then it is not a fissure. The fissure has been there for millions of years. They are not a defect and most often you won't have any problems.

A "crack" is another matter. Some cracks may never present a problem or issue of any sort, but of course who wants a crack in their slab, so it should be repaired or replaced if necessary.

Good Luck,

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