Marble Floor with Stain from Marble Cleaner

by Trudy Askew
(Greer, South Carolina)


I have pink variegated marble floor tile on entrance hall.. cleaned it with a very good marble cleaner from Lowes... it left spots on about 5 tiles, cannot get them off.

I tried using the same cleaner again, but a little stronger solution, but did not remove the spots, they really look like water spots but are not.

The shine before I used the cleaner was very shiny. It has a real dull finish on it now... any advice about how to get the shine back?


Trudy, what you are describing sounds like etching to me.

You say that the cleaner you used is a "very good marble cleaner." I'm not sure why you think so, but if this is the result, then the cleaner you used is not good for marble even if the label says so.

This is not uncommon. In recent years more people are installing granite, marble and natural stone. Chemical companies are jumping on the bandwagon and offering cleaners supposedly "for marble" that are not specifically formulated to be safe for marble.

That's why I generally recommend that you should not use any cleaner purchased at your local grocery or big box store on your marble. Most often the product will damage your marble.

The reason the marble is now dull with spots is that marble is sensitive to acids and harsh cleaners. The cleaner has corroded the shiny surface layer exposing the more dull raw marble underneath.

Luckily, marble can almost always be repaired.

To get the shine back you'll need to use a marble polishing compound specifically formulated for etching like ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

If the etching is severe (very rough) then you may need professional restoration. But use the paste first... much cheaper.

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