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Marble Stains Vanity

Marble Stains Vanity


Hi All, Our bathroom has a marble countertop and has developed water stains (blackish thin lines) and I don't know how to take them off!

I've tried putting a sponge to quickly absorb the water around the basin but the stains continue and I'm unable to remove the old ones.

These stains are not just discoloration but dark lines in the stones and looks ugly. I have also attached a picture. Any help will be hugely appreciated! Thanks!


If I understand you correctly, you are stating that the black squiggly lines are the "stains".

Very odd because these stains appear to be developing in the natural veining of the marble countertop (actually looks like limestone, but same family so cleaning and maintenance is the same).

Now, pure water won't stain any stone, but if water is somehow getting into the veins, then mildew could develop and could be difficult to clean since it is developing below the surface in the stone.

Typically when polished the marble will have a completely flat and smooth surface. Veins can be seen, but not felt easily and are not usually "open" nor do they collect water.

I can't tell definitively from the picture, but it appears that you have a top-mount sink vs. a drop-in.

I'd say the most likely cause here is that water is collecting around the sink and seeping down into the joint between the sink and the inside edge of the sink cut out.

The water is
getting trapped somewhat, absorbing into the marble / limestone eventually causing discoloration.

Of course, if you can feel these veins on the surface and/or for some reason they are not polished well and thus more absorbent... that could be a plausible cause too.

First, to remove the marble stains you'll have to follow the step-by-step instructions in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains ebook.

But you must also stop the cause, so inspect your sink. You may need to caulk the seam between sink and countertop using 100% clear silicone to prevent water from seeping into that joint.

Also, if the inside edge of the sink cut out (underneath the sink) is still visible/accessible, you should seal it.

In fact, your entire countertop may need sealing. To see if it does just perform the water test for sealing.

If testing shows you should apply a sealer, here's some recommended impregnating sealers to use.

You may also find this Bathroom Mold & Mildew Remover helpful although this will only be effective for cleaning surface mildew. If the stains are in the stone as suspected, you'll have to follow the above ebook directions.

Definitely a rare presentation for stains. It may be a bit of a project to fix, but once water is blocked from entering the stone, you should be able to get the stains out.

Hopefully you don't have to remove the sink, since it is probably glued to the stone and may damage the countertop when attempting to remove.

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