Lysol Cleaner Damage on Marble Countertop


I am renting an apt. with a black and white marble bathroom - shower, vanity and floor.

I used Lysol disinfectant bathroom cleaner on the vanity top, and the finish looks ruined. It looks white and cloudy when it dries, worse in areas where I sprayed the most cleaner, though returns to its original color when I wet it.

What can I do?


Yeah... you can't use just any old product on marble. Marble will react with acidic foods/drinks and most common household cleaners because they are too alkaline... too harsh for marble.

These cleaners will corrode marble upon contact eating away the shiny surface layer to leave a dull often lighter colored spot. It's called "etching."

Luckily though... you can fix it, remove the spot, restore the shine and color using ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

It's easy to use and works almost like magic on most etching and scratches.

If the marble has been severely etched and very rough you may need a professional to restore it at that point, but most often this paste will do the trick.

For future cleaning be sure to use only products safe for cleaning marble & granite.

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