Install Marble Countertop On Antique Baker Table

by Kelli
(Seattle, WA)

Antique Zinc Top Bakers Table

Antique Zinc Top Bakers Table


Hello - I have a 24x60 slab of carrera marble I just picked up this morning for an antique bakers table. The table is currently zinc topped (as was common 100 years ago). It's a heavy, hearty table and the marble will be on top. I am an avid baker and I have waited my whole life for a marble surface!

I had a small kitchen remodel and my contractor is finished with it now, and only still "owes" me the marble. Our deal was - I procure the marble, he installs. I know he does not work with stone normally and I am concerned about the adhesive. A bonus would be an adhesive that may enable me to remove the slab at another point in time and not ruin the zinc top - but this isn't required. Most importantly just what is safe and the best procedure for installing the slab on the old table. Thanks,Kelli


The marble countertop is going to make it top-heavy, so yes... the table needs to be heavy and sturdy and very difficult to tip over as is.

Tipping over is going to be your main safety issue, which could do some serious damage and/or be fatal to a kid or dog or if the marble landed above the waist on an adult. So, base must be rock solid... no pun intended (okay maybe a little!)

Next issue is sliding. You should glue down the marble countertop to keep it secure on top. Again, falling marble = major pain.

But since the base is solid (or else you are ditching this idea if it isn't) then you can get away with setting the marble on top IF you also create lips on the underside of the marble that extend down over the edges of the current zinc table top on all sides.

This can be done by glueing or laminating strips of matching marble at the edges, which will provide a wider and usually more pleasing edge profile too.

But it must fit pretty tight. Shouldn't be able to slide the marble countertop more than about 1/4 inch in any direction.

Or if the marble countertop is a bit bigger/wider than the zinc table top you could simply glue the strips underneath where ever they needed to go to fit over the zinc top and keep the marble countertop secure.

Make sense?

Now, the marble countertop is heavy and won't slide easy anyway, but without the lips or a laminated edge it could slid enough to get off balance and tip.

Best to glue it down, but using the fitted lip idea will still be pretty safe.

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