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I've read the advice and caution against installing marble kitchen countertops. But I have many many polished marble slabs removed from 1903 vintage bathroom walls. I want to use it for kitchen counter tops.

If it doesn't work or goes flat and looks bad, then I will take it out. That is my thinking, since I have the material and it will cost nothing. Why not use it.

I noted that the acids in food and fluids in kitchen will etch the marble top. If so, then I will replace those sections with suitable stone that I can later afford.

My question is how to support the marble countertop?

My plan is to build a supporting structure with 2 x 4's turned with the 3.5 inch side vertical or 'up'. And put ladder supports between the wall 2 x 4 and the outer 2 x 4.

Then put 3/4" ply wood sheeting over the base and the marble on top of that with a 1 inch overhang.

Then against the 3.5" facia and under the 1 inch overhang place a 4.25" cut of the counter then will look like a massive sheet of marble.

I will support it on the bottom with an angle iron or a 1x4 shelf, pulled back 3/8' from the edge so that it is not seen. And use copper wire hooked into the top edge of the marble facia to hold it at the top to the 2x4... and use an epoxy to fasten the marble in place.

I will appreciate advice, critique, philosophy anything to further the solid installation.

Now for the bar top and desk top counter areas of the kitchen, I want an overhang of about 10 to 12 inches. My thought is again to place angle iron attached to wood going out to supply support for the 'undercarriage' of the overhang with minimum reveal.


I can appreciate your time in writing your question and that you want to recycle the marble slabs and use for a kitchen countertop.

Correct, marble is not a good choice for a kitchen countertop. It is durable and will last fine, but requires much more maintenance than granite.

But, if you have an abundant "free" supply of marble slabs, then the pros may outweigh the cons in this case.

As far as installing a marble slab yourself... I'd recommend against it. Installing a marble tile countertop is certainly something a decent handyman can perform well, but installing slabs is a different story.

It really just isn't suited to a DIY project. Many installations can be challenging even for skilled pros. And nearly every installation has something problematic about it that requires experience to know how to handle, etc.

So, I've yet to see, read, hear of any stone fabricator or installer suggest installing slabs can be done by a handyman or homeowner and we won't provide such a recommendation or advice either.

Your plan may be workable, but call in a pro to do it.

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