Cleaning Product Damage On Marble Vanity

by Cari


I purchased a vanity with an oval shaped brown calico marble top. I was unaware it was marble and required special care, so I cleaned with clear windex(vinegar type) and soap and water.

It has a stain from hand sanitizer spilling on it and not getting wiped up(children) and rings from the soap bottle and what looks to be water stains from soapy hands. It's less than a year old and came with no care instructions. The surface is now dull as well(etching?).

How do I get it to look nice again? Can you please help me recoup my investment in this vanity?


Cari, yes you have etched the marble by using a damaging cleaning product. Other acidic and/or alkaline substances have also left rings and spots.

If the marble is really rough to the touch, then it is severely etched from repeated exposure to acids and will need professional restoration.

However, if it is just dull with rings and spots, then you should be able to restore a lot of the shine using ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

This is a specialized compound made to restore etching that is very easy to use. Basically just need rub on the surface, but you may have to do it several times.

You may need to seal the marble as well. To find out, perform a water test.

If the test shows the marble should be sealed, I suggest using these recommended marble & granite sealers.

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