Carrara Marble Shower Tile & Countertop Design

by Jill
(Mission Viejo, CA)


I have a marble shower that is tiled in our guest bathroom. I would like to put a marble countertop on the vanity. Can I mix the two if I keep it in the same color range? Thanks.


Jill, if you are asking if a single type of marble like Carrara marble tile (or any color / marble type) in the shower and a solid Carrara marble slab countertop will work together from a design perspective, then... yes.

There's no rule that says once you use tile you have to use it everywhere. I'd imagine the floor is tile as well, so a marble slab countertop will help break up the "tile" pattern.

Certainly maintain some consistency with regard to the design theme and color scheme. The marble shower tiles and the countertop could match, but don't have to although they should at least complement.

One thing to be careful of is getting to many different patterns. Patterns do not blend or mix and match as well as colors.

Bathrooms are typically a small space, so keep to simple and serene patterns.

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Carrara Marble Tub Surround

by Dot
(Gulfport, MS USA)


I want to put White Carrara marble (slab not tiles) in the master bath.

I have heard pro/con and love the look, but not sure if this is the best for a tub/shower area. The shower will be used but probably only 1-2X/wk.


Do it! A White Carrara marble slab tub surround will look spectacular. Don't know what the cons are?

You won't be cooking or serving cocktails from your tub will you?

The only thing to avoid here is getting shaving cream or hair dye or anything acidic that isn't a mild soapy product on the marble, which would etch or dull the polish. This shouldn't be hard, so no worries there.

For best marble cleaning use Bath & Shower Kit only (don't use any of the typical store-bought cleaners (too harsh) or you'll damage the polish).

No need to seal it... standard soap/shampoos are not going to stain it. In fact, polished Carrara marble (I assume you'll have the marble polished to really bring out the color and pattern) is not very absorbent and typically won't take a sealer very well anyway.

Floors are a slightly different matter. Don't want a polished floor in a wet bathroom or shower, unless you are installing small tiles so there is ample traction.

Also, you may consider sealing the bathroom floor tile (not the shower necessarily except for grout) since it will more likely be exposed to potentially staining products.

Have fun with your project and do come back and post a picture (via the same form) when all done!

granite countertop cleanerGood Luck,

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