Best Marble Countertop Thickness

by pete


What thickness is better for a carrara marble vanity top with undermount sinks?

My wife would prefer 2 centimeter, but everyone says they have 3 centimeter and I am sure that 3 centimeters would be stronger. Any advice would be appreciated.


Yes, 3 cm will be stronger, but so what? Unless you plan on doing jumping jacks on your vanity, 2 cm is fine.

But of course, you should never stand or sit on stone countertops. Since they are so rigid, there is no bending and could crack when focused weight is applied.

In such cases 3cm may take a bit more weight, but not much difference.

The most common reason 3 cm is installed is for the wider edge profile, which is much more common for kitchen countertops. For bathroom countertops 2 cm is common.

However, if your sink is excessively heavy, then 3cm may be a better choice.

Otherwise 2cm is less expensive and will do the job just fine.

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